D02 Hyaku Moku Junmai Daiginjyo Sake

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Japanese Name: 百黙 純米大吟醸

This super-premium junmai daiginjyo is a naturally fermented pure sake is the product of over a century’s bond between this region’s farmers and brewers. Large-grain Yamada Nishiki, grown in Yokawa Hyogo’s “special A” Grand Cru terroir, is polished down 39% of its original size and brewed without additives or accelerants. Brilliant in taste with an expansive fruity palette of elegant sweetness with lively acidity, it finishes refreshingly crisp.

2020 International Taste Institute ITQI Superior Taste Award: Crystal Taste Award
2019 Monde Selection Award: Grand Gold
2019 International Wine Challenge Silver 

Available in 720ML and 1.8 LTR