Kubota Seppou Soujo Junmai Daiginjyo Sake

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Japanese Name: 久保田 雪峰 爽醸  純米大吟醸

Soujo Kubota Seppou is meant to be enjoyed with the signs of spring’s arrival, like thawing snow and budding flowers. Made from rice carefully selected for quality, it is fermented at low temperature and stored at a freezing point during winter in order to preserve the fresh aroma of the rice. Sweetness and moderate acidity along with refreshing notes of muscat grapes and musk melon in the perfect balance allow mild rice flavour on the palate later on.

When served between 10-15°C, it has a sharpness reminiscent of chilly weather during cherry blossom season, while at room temperature it has a fragrance evocative of flowers in full bloom. It pairs excellently with bittersweet wild vegetable cuisines which make us feel the coming of spring.

Available in 500ML