How to read Sake Labels
Always wanted to understand your favourite sake better or know what you are drinking? Learn more about sake labels and how to read them.
Shochu Guide: Ways to Drink Shochu
Be the true shochu connoisseur by exploring the different ways to drink and enjoy your favourite Japanese shochu.
Sake Guide: How To Warm Sake
Understanding of the different temperatures of serving various types of sake! Heating up your sake would be easier than ever.
Sake Guide: Types of Sake
Learn more about sake with us! In this guide, we would delve deeper into the difference is in the various types of sake.
Shochu Guide: Introduction
Many people would have heard and tried sake, but Japanese shochu is still relatively unknown in Singapore. Shochu can be equally refreshing and delicious when paired with your favourite cuisine. This simple guide will help you to understand more about Japanese shochu!
Sake Guide: Basics
New to sake? Learn and understand a little more about sake through our sake guide as we try to walk you through the basics of sake as simple as possible. You don't have to be a sommelier to enjoy sake!