Elevate Your Chinese Year Dishes
Elevate your Chinese New Year dishes with our special recipes. Wow your guestsĀ with umeshu pineapple tarts and sake pen cai!
Celebrate CNY with UOB
Exclusively for UOB cardmembers, get 5% off sitewide and 10% off Triple Bliss Bundle. It has been a long and tiring 2020, so get red-y for the Year of the Ox by stocking up some of your favourite Japanese sake, shochu, liqueur, and snacks.
Matcha Recipes for Any Matcha Lover
Did you know that matcha and regular green tea are not the same? Let us show you how to prepare an authentic bowl of matcha as you pair it with some matcha pancakes or chocolate!
2020 Top 5 Products
Choosing favorites isĀ never easy, but here areĀ your top 5 products of 2020!Ā Don't miss out on some of our best-sellers. Cheers to the New Year!
Everything You Need to Know About Umeshu
Did you know that umeshu comes in many different forms and variety for you to savour? Find out more about this unique Japanese drink here.
Christmas Gifts Ideas Under $100
Its the Christmas and holiday season, and you know what it means - fretting over what to get for you loved ones. But don't worry, here are some ideas from our Christmas Collection for you to have a peace of mind.Ā 
December Promotions with Sake Inn
This December, stay tune to a month of promotions and freebies. Find out how you can get 2 Free Choko Cups with every order or exclusive Christmas cards now.
Celebrate Christmas with UOB, get 15% off
December is around the corner and so is the year-end holiday season. Together with UOB, we are giving you more reasons to celebrate!
11.11 Staff Picks [Part 2]

To celebrate singles day, we are introducing our first ever 11.11 Staff Picks! šŸ„³ Learn more about Leanne's, Yong Zheng's and Peggy's favourites here.

11.11 Staff Picks [Part 1]

To celebrate singles day, we are introducing our first ever 11.11 Staff Picks! šŸ„³ Tried and tested by Steph and Wei Yang,Ā find out more in our blog.

How to read Sake Labels
Always wanted to understand your favourite sake better or know what you are drinking?Ā Learn more about sake labels and how to read them.
New Junmai Daiginjyo Arrivals
As part of our initiative to bring in new sake labels and bottles every other week here at Sake Inn, we are proud to introduce this week's new exquisite arrivals.
Shochu Guide: Ways to Drink Shochu
Be the true shochu connoisseur by exploring the different ways to drink and enjoy your favourite Japanese shochu.
Mid-Autumn Sake Pairings
Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner andĀ we are excited to pair our mooncakes with some of our favorite JapaneseĀ sake here at Sake Inn.Ā 
Learn More About - Kiku-Masamune Brewery
As one of Sake Inn's signature brands, learn more about Kiku-Masamune and its specialty ofĀ Kimoto brewing.
Limited Edition - Kubota Seppou Soujo
We are excited for Sake Inn's newest arrival -Ā Kubota Seppou Soujo Junmai Daiginjyo Sake. This seasonal limited edition sake will definitely elevate your drinking experiences.Ā 
Sweetness of Amazake
AmazakeĀ is a refreshing traditional drinkĀ thatĀ is loaded with health benefits, making it a very popular drink in Japan. Find out more about Amazake in our blog.
Exclusive deals for OCBC cardmembers šŸ„³
Weā€™ve partnered with OCBC Bank this Fatherā€™s Day for our customers! Get dad a little something with our special promotions exclusively for OCBC cardmembers.
Bundle Deals with Sake Inn
Due to the overwhelming response, Sake Inn is rolling out new bundles for you every week! Here are some of our new and most popular bundles this May.
Stay Home and Make Warabi Mochi
Learn to make something new with this easy Warabi Mochi Recipe! Make some deliciously chewy Warubi Mochi and curb your cravings for something sweet.Ā 
How to drink warm Sake
Understanding of the different temperatures of serving various types of sake! Heating up your sake would be easier than ever.