11.11 Staff Picks Part 3 - Expert Edition!
Our last and final pt 3 of staff picks for 11.11.22!! We've indeed saved the best for last, recommendations coming straight from those who know and love their sake, including sake sommeliers. From who can you get better sake recommendations...
11.11 Staff Picks Part 2!
Hey there! It's time for Part 2 of our 11.11 Staff Picks 🥳If nothing has caught your eye so far, there are some interesting picks here, so check them out below!
Sake Brewery Spotlight - Kikusui Brewery
Nestled in the picturesque Niigata city of Shibuta is Kikusui Brewery. Having the largest land area allocated for rice cultivation in Japan, Niigata is the perfect place for sake production. Niigata also has an abundance of snow-capped mountains for majority...
11.11 Staff Picks is back!
11.11 is just around the corner and we are bringing back our 11.11 Staff Picks. Are you excited?
Sake Brewery Spotlight - Hakuto Sake Brewery
Find out more about the brilliant work of two people at Hakuto Sake Brewery now and their unique sakes!
Sake Tasting Experience - Our First Ever!!
Have a sneak peek into what went on at our first ever sake tasting experience!
Sake Spotlight - Naraman Junmai Ginjo Sake Mirai
Come find out more about the exclusive Naraman Sake Mirai Junmai Ginjo made from a rare hybrid of two popular breeds of sake rice!
Sake Brewery Spotlight - Gassan Shuzou (Ginrei Gassan)
Ginrei Gassan, a brand that we all know and love, but how much do we know about the brewery that made it all possible?
The Story of the Sake that went to Space!
The Story of the Sake that went to Space!
Sake Inn Biggest Sale — Online Warehouse Sale
Sake Inn is having our first-ever online warehouse sale to welcome the year of the tiger. Find out more about all the promotions here.
Sake Spotlight — Koshi no Kanbai
Koshi no Kanbai is made in the heart of Niigata, which is one of the most renowned sake-producing regions in all of Japan. The character and terroir, defined by the rich history and culture of the region, give rise to a variety of light and dry sake that Niigata sake is famous for.
All New Hyaku Moku Sake
For the first time in 130 years, Kiku-Masamune brewer has launched a new sake brand — Hyaku Moku. Driven by a modern and premium concept to allow sake lovers to enjoy a perfect combination of Hyaku Moku and various food.
IWC 2021: Award Winning Sakes at Sake Inn
These award-winning sakes not only stole the hearts of the judges, but they have also been long-time favorites of some of our customers and restaurants in Singapore.
First beer of Japan — Sapporo Premium Beer
Sapporo brews premium lagers using the highest-quality ingredients that they can find, giving each of their beers a signature crisp, refreshing flavour, and clean finish.
[IG GIVEAWAY] Ninki Don Sg x Sake Inn
Stand a chance to win a Ninki Don Sg x Sake Inn bundle worth $150. Find out how you can be our lucky winner.
Introducing Yebisu Beer - The True Taste of Delight
Coming soon to Sake Inn — this Premium Malt Beer with 130 years of history has an ambition to "brew the world's best beer in Japan". Find out more on our blog.
What is Dashi? A Quick Guide
The importance of dashi cannot be missed in any Japanese cuisine. Learn more about this quintessential umami-filled stock and how to make it.
Stay Home & Get 10% OFF SITEWIDE
Can’t go out for drinks anymore? We got you. Stay safe and stay home with Sake Inn's 10% OFF SITEWIDE.
Aomori Prefecture: Sakes and more!

While waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted, learn more about this snowy prefecture and its liqueurs here.

Sake Spotlight — Tamano Hikari
Born in 1673 in the historic Fushimi region, Tamano Hikari has dedicated hundreds of years to sake brewing. With care and passion, they have continued to brew the finest sake, striving to make each year better than the last.
Spring Recipes with Sake Pairing
There are a few ingredients that are quintessential for a delicious springtime feast. Recreate the 'taste of spring' with some of our recommended recipes and sake pairings.