Mid-Autumn Sake Pairings
Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner and we are excited to pair our mooncakes with some of our favorite Japanese sake here at Sake Inn. 
Learn More About - Kiku-Masamune Brewery
Learn more about Kiku-Masamune and its speciality Kimoto method of brewing. As one of Sake Inn's signature brands, we are happy to offer our customers a wide range of Kiku-Masamune products. 
Limited Edition - Kubota Seppou Soujo
We are excited for Sake Inn's newest arrival - Kubota Seppou Soujo Junmai Daiginjyo Sake. This seasonal limited edition sake will definitely elevate your drinking experiences. Read more about it here.
Sweetness of Amazake
Amazake is a refreshing traditional drink that is loaded with health benefits, making it a very popular drink in Japan. Learn more about amazake here and how to use it in your everyday cooking.
Exclusive deals for OCBC cardmembers 🥳
We’ve partnered with OCBC Bank this Father’s Day for our customers! Get dad a little something with our special promotions exclusively for OCBC cardmembers.
Bundle Deals with Sake Inn
Due to the overwhelming response, Sake Inn is rolling out new bundles for you every week! Having trouble choosing? Here are some of our new and most popular bundles this May.
Stay Home and Make Warabi Mochi
Learn to make something new with this easy Warabi Mochi Recipe! Make some deliciously chewy Warubi Mochi and curb your cravings for something sweet. 
Sake 101: How to Heat Up Sake
Always wanted to heat up your sake but don't know how? In this post, we are going to give you a better understanding of the different temperatures of serving various types of sake! Heating up your sake would be easier than ever.
Learn More About - Kikusui Sake Brewery
We are bringing Japan to you! 🌸 In this first edition, we will be highlighting one of our favourite brands here at Sake Inn - Kikusui Sake Brewery. 
Stay Home & Bundle Up - Mapo Tofu Recipe
Staying in doesn't have to be boring. Learn how to cook your very own mapo tofu don with our exclusive bundles and step-by-step guide!
Stay Home & Bundle Up - Curry Udon Recipe
Staying in doesn't have to be boring. Learn how to cook your very own curry udon with our exclusive stay-home bundles. Each bundle comes with one 720ml bottle of sake.
March New Arrivals
Check out Sake Inn's latest arrival of premium sakes specially curated for you! ⚡ As part of the 3.3 Sale, we are doing an early bird promo for these exquisite sake bottles. 
Sake Guide: Types of Sake
Learn more about sake with us! In this guide, we would delve deeper into the difference is in the various types of sake.
Shochu Guide: Basics
Many people would have heard and tried sake, but Japanese shochu is still relatively unknown in Singapore. This simple guide will help you to maybe choose your next favourite drink! 
Sake Guide: Basics
New to sake? Learn and understand a little more about sake through our sake guide as we try to walk you through the basics of sake as simple as possible. You don't have to be a sommelier to enjoy sake! 
iichiko Mugi Shochu Cocktails
Show off your cocktail making skills with these basic fruit cocktails made using iichiko Mugi Shochu.Try iichiko Mugi Shoshu in every way to find one that truly suits your taste! 🍹
Celebrate Chinese New Year with Sake Inn 🧧
Get ready for the Year of the Rat with Sake Inn's Chinese New Year Promotions. Choose the right kind of sake for this festive season, or let us choose the perfect pair for you, great as a gift or for that reunion dinner. 
Kikusui Funaguchi Sake x Fruit Cocktails
Impress your guests with these simple sake fruit cocktail recipes to elevate your sake drinking experience. 
Black Squid & Tomato Meat Yaki Pasta Udon 🍝
Here's 5 steps to create the Japanese Black Squid Ink pasta sauce.
Honeydew & Grapefruit Cocktails
Here's a quick preparation in making these gorgeous grapefruit and honeydew cocktails using our specially selected sake!