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Learn More About - Kikusui Sake Brewery

We are bringing Japan to you! 🌸 To provide our valued customers with a more holistic understanding of the sake we sell, we will be introducing some of our favourite Japanese sake breweries. In this first edition, we will be highlighting one of our favourite brands here at Sake Inn - Kikusui Sake Brewery. 

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March New Arrivals

Check out Sake Inn's latest arrival of premium sakes specially curated for you! ⚡ As part of the 3.3 Sale, we are doing an early bird promo for these exquisite sake bottles. 

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Sake Guide: Types of Sake

The different classifications of sake was briefly introduced in our Sake Guide: Basics, previously.  In this guide, we would delve deeper into the difference is in the various types of sake. The classification of sake can be split mainly into two groups: pure rice (junmai) and alcohol-added sake.  The sake classification chart (above) shows you the different types of sake that are available and its respective rice polishing ratio.  Junmai 純米 Junmai, 純米 sake is made solely from rice and there is no addition of distilled alcohol or additives during the brewing process. The word junmai literally translates to 'pure rice'. The different types of sakes that can be classified under this category are mainly Junmai Daiginjyo, Junmai Ginjyo, and Tokubetsu Junmai. The classification is...

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