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Bundle Deals with Sake Inn

Due to the overwhelming response, Sake Inn is rolling out new bundles for you every week! Having trouble choosing? Here are some of our new and most popular bundles bringing you maximum enjoyment dring this circuit breaker, keeping you company through the phases 🙃 *Bundles are available only while stocks last, hurry and shop now. Do you love a good simple bowl of udon on a rainy day? Get our Inaniwa Bundle at only $30. Comes with 1 pack of Futaba Katsuo Tsuyu (1L) and 6 packets of Fresh Inaniwa Udon.  Futaba Katsuo Tsuyu (鰹 つゆ) is the perfect concentrated stock by blending plenty of bonito flakes with honjyozo soy sauce. Authentically-brewed soy sauce along with bonito dashi gives it a wonderful umami flavour...

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Sake 101: How to Heat Up Sake

Always wanted to heat up your sake but don't know how? In this post, we are going to give you a better understanding of the different temperatures of serving various types of sake! Heating up your sake would be easier than ever.

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