11.11 Staff Picks Part 2!

Have you tried out any of our staff picks yet? We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do hehe ūü•į Coming up next is Part 2 of our 11.11 Staff Picks, where our younger staffs share with you their top picks!

What do youngsters these days like to eat and drink? Let's find out!


As a representative of someone who doesn't drink that much, Sheridan is a lover of fruit-based alcohol. Almost her whole selection has fruits incorporated into it. Also a huge fan of snacks!! Try these picks for yourself to know how yummy they are :D

Sheridan's Picks (left to right):

1) Ozeki Momo Umeshu

Absolutely the masterpiece of fruity peach and ume liquor because it uses the famous King of Peaches "Hakuou Momo".

"A thicc umeshu full of peach flavour perfect as a dessert drink"

2) Ozeki Ikezo Sparkling Yuzu Jelly Sake

A sake-based sparkling jelly drink, with a relaxing taste and the pleasant aroma of natural yuzu juice. 

"A refreshing yuzu explosion in your mouth, a sensory experience for your tastebuds!!"

3) Jelly's Peach Gummy Candy

Made with real fruit juice - an intensely flavored, incredibly soft and juicy treat!

"Morsels of peach-y goodness that you can't help but go back for more ;P"

4) Kuriyama Bakauke Ao Nori Cracker

Made with a soy sauce base, and flavoured with fragrant seaweed, giving it an appetising crunch.

"Tried it as an office snack and now I want to buy a whole pack for myself"


Do you think you have high-class (atas if less formal) taste buds? Then Yi Yang's premium picks will be perfect for you~ He believes that life is too short not to spend on some quality goodness... It's ok to splurge on single's day...we won't judge ;)

Yi Yang's Picks (left to right):

1) Kotsuzumi Rojoh Hana Ari Aoi Junmai Daiginjyo Sake

This award-winning Monde-selection sake produces a refreshing and sophisticated sweetness when savoured, and goes well with sushi and French food. Did you know that all water used in their brewing process is from the well on their property that comes from the Takeda River in Tamba? 

"Super pretty bottle and affordable perfect for a christmas gift "

2) Tamano Hikari Yuzu Liqueur

The very first-ever yuzu liqueur to be produced for Tamano Hikari! Its low alcohol content boasts an alluring sweetness and a gentle bite that will excite your taste buds~

"Even non yuzu lovers will love this liqueur!"

3) Hakkaisan 3 Years Snow Aged Junmai Daiginjyo Sake

Have a taste of snow with this sake that is naturally chilled and gently aged in a snow storage room for 3 years. It has a smooth and well-rounded taste, coupled with an elegant aroma and a cleansing finish.

"Easy to drink just flow through your throat like water"

4) Hyaku Moku Alt.3 Sake

Bright and present, it blossoms with sweetness, bitterness, freshness, and roundness forming a harmonious body. Its rich complex taste might be a perfect match to savoury flavoured dishes.

"Unique flavour to each person tastebuds!"


Chloe is a "Natsuhaze Liqueur Enthusiast", she loves it so much she can finish 3 bottles in one night. She often wonders why not many people buy this liqueur when its sooo good.

Chloe's Picks (left to right):

1) Okunomatsu Natsuhaze (Japanese Blueberry) Fruity Liqueur

Made with a special blend of Okunomatsu Junmai Sake and Natsuhaze Liqueur. Natsuhaze, also known as Japanese Blueberry, gives this liqueur a refreshing and sweet blueberry taste, finished with a hint of acidity.

"Tastes like ribena! Perfect for beginners and lightweights :P"

2) Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Mix Berry Sparkling Liqueur

A sparkling sake true to its bubbles that releases hints of fresh-baked goodness that explodes into a mouthful of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry sweetness.

"I like all things sweet and this tastes like berry soda~ So refreshing and easy to drink!"

3) Ginrei Gassan Sasara Tsuki Junmai Sake

The sake has a sweet aroma and moderate roundness, and comes from a region with abundant mineral water and high-quality rice. 

"A sweet and smooth sake...Love the bottle design too :DD"

4) Sunlight Tokkuri Set

A dainty addition for any drinking session. Whether you fancy a garden party or an indoor soiree, this Sunlight Tokkuri Set will serve well with its simple yet appealing aesthetics. 

"Pretty set to serve all my sake in during a Friday night party!"


Did any items interest you as much as they interest them? Don't forget to enter the code <SAKEINN11> at checkout for your 11% off discount~

Look forward to more staff recommendations by our sake experts and enthusiasts in our next part of 11.11 Staff Picks! 

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