Corporate Packages

Sake Inn provides all sorts of services for corporate events and support. From small intimate groups to a larger-scaled event, we have a dedicated team that would provide you with the products and service tailored to your needs. 

Sake Care Packages

Great for catch-ups, parties, farewells or celebrations. Here are some popular packages that we have provided.

If you would like a customized package, just let our friendly staff know and we will recommend a package suitable for you.

Sake Kanpai Box

Alternatively, you can provide something a little more unique with our Sake Kanpai Boxes! Find out more here!

Sake Appreciation Workshops

Sake Inn has conducted numerous sake workshops since our establishment, both to introduce beginner sake enjoyers to the vibrant world of sake appreciation or to connect with our long-time sake lovers.

We believe in providing only the finest quality of service to our customers, no matter if we're catering to 20 or 200 people. With our Sake Appreciation Workshops, you will not only be able to taste a carefully curated selection of sakes spanning across various flavours, but also expand your horizon on what it truly means to love sake.

Sake appreciation workshops can be held at your office, at our partnered restaurants or even via video conferences. 

Through the curation of a sake-food pairing menu, our sake sommeliers also engage in a casual, live chat to provide an engaging way for the attendees to learn more about sake.

Please click here for a more detailed breakdown of our Sake Appreciation Workshop Packages.

Sake Barrel Ceremony

An alternative to the usual ribbon-cutting ceremony and usually performed at events, opening ceremonies and anniversaries, find out more here.


Still unsure? We would love to help! You can contact us or email us at and we will get to you as soon as possible :-)