Sake Appreciation Pairing Workshops

The rising popularity of sake over the past few years has generated greater demand for sake appreciation workshops. Sake Inn has conducted numerous sake workshops since our establishment, both to introduce beginner sake enjoyers to the vibrant world of sake appreciation or to connect with our long-time sake lovers.

We believe in providing only the finest quality of service to our customers, no matter if we're catering to 10 or 200 people. With our Sake Appreciation packages, you will not only be able to taste a carefully curated selection of sakes spanning across various flavours, but also expand your horizon on what it truly means to love sake.

What You Can Look Forward To

Our packages cater to a minimum of 10 pax, with our packages starting from $68 per pax. Each session typically takes around 2 hours, including an Introductory presentation to Sake Basics. The entire session will be conducted by our in-house certified sake sommelier. 

The sessions can either be at a physical venue, or over an online platform e.g. Zoom meetings. 

We cater our packages according to your needs. They can range from a bundle of 3 types of sakes to as many as you want. Each bundle is carefully curated to ensure that you and your guests can taste a wide variety of sake. Generally, our pairings will include different sakes from different prefectures and breweries to allow consumers to experience the true taste of Japan. 

We will also be conducting an Introductory presentation to Sake Basics before the main tasting session. It can cover topics such as the following:

  • What is Sake
  • The Components of Sake
  • Rice Polishing Ratio
  • The Types of Sake Classifications
  • Sake Meter Value

If you have something about Japanese sake that you are interested about, feel free to let us know and we can add it in the presentation as a special topic ;)

If you would like to work with us, feel free to drop us a message here and we can work together to pick out the best sakes for you. We look forward to having a fun Kanpai session with you! :D