A Dive into Ozeki Lemon Sour

A Dive into Ozeki Lemon Sour


Ozeki Lemon Sour is a liqueur produced by Ozeki, a manufacturer, and sale of Sake and alcoholic beverages located in Hyogo, Japan. The Ozeki Lemon Sour is made with 12% Sicilian lemon juice, blended with rice shochu made from Ozeki's sake. No artificial sweeteners are used to bring out the authentic flavour of the juice.

Product Details:

  • Alcohol: 24%
  • Prefecture: Hyogo

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How to Enjoy Ozeki Lemon Sour

Being a highly versatile drink, Ozeki Lemon Sour can be savoured and enjoyed in many ways. Here, we are happy to share with you the top 4 ways of drinking Ozeki Lemon Sour!


The most popular way of drinking Ozeki Lemon Sour is to mix it with soda, preferably tonic water, ginger ale, or Sprite! This is because these sodas not only blend well with the flavours of lemon but also help elevate its taste. However, feel free to mix it with heavier sodas such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or even Root Beer! You can also experiment with it with other flavoured sodas if you are feeling adventurous. After all, you might find the perfect concoction for yourself!

The recommended liqueur-to-soda ratio is 1:3. This ratio makes it very refreshing, smooth, and easy to drink, as the soda elevates the liqueur by carrying more flavour every gulp with just the right hint of lemon. Every mouthful from this mixture will start off light and end off with an essence and aftertaste of lemon flavour from the Ozeki Lemon Sour. Of course, the ratio can be adjusted to one's preferences, making it the easiest and best form of mixer for this liqueur.


Another common way to consume Ozeki Lemon Sour is to mix it with Calpis or Milkis, a form of cultured milk beverage. This mixture helps to bring down the distinct flavours of the Ozeki Lemon Sour and its tanginess. This method is highly recommended for people who have a preference for a sweeter taste, as the lemon flavour is less profound and more balanced with the sweetness from the sugared cultured milk. Overall, the taste of Ozeki Lemon Sour is neutralised, light, milkier, and more mellow with this mixture, which is a perfect pair with light food and aperitifs. An alternative to Calpis and Milkis would be yoghurt drinks!


Ozeki Lemon Sour can also be mixed with shochu. As compared to cultured milk, shochu has a lighter body while carrying sweetness as well, mainly from rice, barley, sweet potatoes, buckwheat or brown sugar. Our personal favourite shochu to go with Ozeki Lemon Sour would be iichiko's Mugi shochu, which contains a strong taste of barley and an outstanding aroma.

Try it: iichiko Mugi Shochu

On The Rocks

Despite having an alcohol percentage of 24%, Ozeki Lemon Sour can be enjoyed purely by itself without being too overpowering. Drinking it on the rock brings out the refreshing profile of this beverage and further enhances the citrus flavour from the lemon. The taste of alcohol does not come off as strong when it is enjoyed on the rocks as well. This way of enjoying Ozeki Lemon Sour is perfect for people who have a preference for a sharp and clean taste, as well as those who enjoy the taste of alcohol but still want a refreshing kick every mouth.

Try it now: Ozeki Lemon Sour


Ozeki is a renowned and outstanding sake/alcohol manufacturer in Hyogo, Japan that produces high-quality and versatile drinks even today. If you are still uncertain about what you like and would like to learn more, we already got you covered!

Feel free to reach out to us for more inquiries regarding Ozeki or just sakes/shochu/liqueurs in general! Do also visit our website and start on your journey~ Make sure to check out other guides if you haven't too! 🍶

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