Spring Recipes with Sake Pairing
There are a few ingredients that are quintessential for a delicious springtime feast. Recreate the 'taste of spring' with some of our recommended recipes and sake pairings.
Chilli Oil with Crispy Garlic Recipes
Simple recipes for a satisfying meal with S&B Okazu Ka-yu Chokara. Pair it with plain rice or cook it with some of your favourite ingredients, learn how here!
Sake Spotlight - Kubota Brewery
Introducing some of our favourite Japanese sake breweries - learn more about Kubota brewery and their exquisite well-loved sakes.
Fluffy Japanese Rice Recipes
With our exclusive freshly polished Japanese rice, make delicious Japanese rice with our recipe and learn to whip up a meal or two.
Elevate Your Chinese Year Dishes
Elevate your Chinese New Year dishes with our special recipes. Wow your guests with umeshu pineapple tarts and sake pen cai!
Matcha Recipes for Any Matcha Lover
Did you know that matcha and regular green tea are not the same? Let us show you how to prepare an authentic bowl of matcha as you pair it with some matcha pancakes or chocolate!
Everything You Need to Know About Umeshu
Did you know that umeshu comes in many different forms and variety for you to savour? Find out more about this unique Japanese drink here.
Sweetness of Amazake
Amazake is a refreshing traditional drink that is loaded with health benefits, making it a very popular drink in Japan. Find out more about Amazake in our blog.
Stay Home and Make Warabi Mochi
Learn to make something new with this easy Warabi Mochi Recipe! Make some deliciously chewy Warubi Mochi and curb your cravings for something sweet. 
iichiko Mugi Shochu
Show off your cocktail making skills with these basic fruit cocktails made using iichiko Mugi Shochu's outstanding taste and aroma.
Honeydew & Grapefruit Cocktails
Here's a quick preparation in making these gorgeous grapefruit and honeydew cocktails using our specially selected sake!