Christmas Warehouse Sale

Over a span of 3 days, with over a 100 different items to choose from and many sampling options, we hosted our Christmas Warehouse Sale. We decked the halls (of our warehouse) with twinkling fairy lights, mini santa clauses and christmas trees scattered around the place for more Christmas vibes~ A bustling crowd together with Christmas songs blasted throughout the venue, got everyone into the Christmas spirit!

As the holiday season approaches, many people have started to plan their holiday parties and Christmas celebrations. For those who love sake, what better way to celebrate the season than with a sake warehouse sale and stock up on delicious sake? Boasting many exclusive deals, only offered during this time of year.

Ranging from 6 different tiers- from more affordable, smaller bottles of sake great for sharing with friends, to our premium sommeliers' picks, there was truly something for everyone!

This was perfect for stocking up for year end parties or for gifting during Christmas. We shared many of our favourite sakes and we hope they became your new favourites too!

We had a wide variety of sakes available for tasting and even some of our most popular options were available for sampling. This was a great opportunity for people to discover new sake that they might not have tried before.

Besides finding new favourites, we also hope you managed to learn a thing or two from our friendly staff about the sakes you liked!

We'd also like to share with you some of the crowd favourites during this warehouse sale! If you did not manage to get your hands on these items during our warehouse sale, you can get them in your next purchase.
Coming with a special discount of 5% off using the discount code <CHRISTMAS5>, since we know you like them so much!

Our number one best-seller is our Hyaku Moku Junmai Daiginjyo Sake, with over 50 bottles sold during our warehouse sale! This sake has an expansive fruity palette with an elegant sweetness and a contrasting lively acidity, making it refreshingly crisp. It's no wonder that it's a crowd favourite!

The sake that was selected for having the best flavour is our Kiku-Masamune Shiboritate Junmai Daiginjyo Sake. This doesn't come as a surprise, holding the title, as masterpiece of the Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery.
Featuring a harmonious combination of a gorgeous fruity fragrance and a rich flavour with a dry and crisp aftertaste.

Our product that was the most sold is our Ikezo Jelly Shot Yuzu and Peach. Coming in a petite can, its convenient size makes it the perfect go-to drink for parties, making it extremely popular especially amongst the younger crowd. Besides its convenient packaging, inside holds a refreshing jelly drink, sure to be loved by all!

The best umeshu sold at our warehouse sale is the Daishinshu Mizore Ringo Umeshu, an apple flavoured umeshu. A perfect combination of sweet apples perfectly balancing out the characteristic tartness of an umeshu. If you asked those at the event, most people have tried this at least once!

Last but not least, the most popular sake at our warehouse sale is our Sawanoi Junmai Daiginjyo Sake. Coming from an underrated sake brewery, this sake is well-balanced with an elegant aroma coupled with fruity floral flavours. The gorgeous golden bottle that this sake comes in, is perfect as a gift this season!


Overall, we are grateful that so many of you came down to our Christmas warehouse sale to support us! We were thrilled to see so many of you enjoying our careful selection of sakes.

We can't wait for next year's sale and hope to see even more of you there! In the meantime, we wish everyone a very merry Christmas filled with good food, good drinks and good company. Kanpai!!

Could not make it to our Christmas warehouse sale? Click here to shop for our full Christmas collection!





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