Ohshukubai Akai-Umeshu (Plum Wine)

Ohshukubai Akai-Umeshu (Plum Wine)

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Japanese Name: 鴬宿梅.赤い梅酒

Ohshukubai Akai-Umeshu (Plum Wine) is a plum wine made from four ingredients: plum, red perilla, rose hip, and blackcurrant. It has a bright ruby color and a refreshing acidity. In the mild taste of plum wine, the faint aroma of red perilla and the moderate acidity of rose hips and blackcurrants can be tasted in a gentle mouthful. In addition, by making use of the vivid ruby colors extracted from the four botanicals without using colouring agents, you can colour various scenes such as a relaxing time at home.

The bottle is a stylish frosted bottle, and the label is designed to be familiar to everyday life by drawing a watercolour-style plum fruit illustration that exudes a gentle atmosphere and warmth.

Available in 495ML