[IG GIVEAWAY] Ninki Don Sg x Sake Inn

If you miss dining out and enjoying your favourite Japanese cuisines, we have just the thing for you! Stay home and stay safe with Ninki Don Sg x Sake Inn Giveaway worth $150. Enjoy a scrumptious fuss-free meal in the comfort of you home. 

Ninki Don Singapore

Ninki Don Sg x Sake Inn Giveaway

Helmed by Chef AQ from SG fine dining restaurant with over 10 years of Culinary experience, Ninki Don aims to bring affordable yet delicious Japanese inspired cuisine to you using only the freshest ingredients and carefully prepared in small batches to ensure perfection. 


Homemade Organic Pitan Tofu


Choose between pan-seared sirloin steak or Japanese unagi. Both pan-seared in small batches each time to bring out the umami-ness of the ingredients.

Don includes hokkaido truffle seaweed scallop, grilled prawn mentaiko, baby french beans with flying fish roe topped on fluffy premium Japanese Akita Rice.

Soybean Warabi Mochi topped with Black Honey Sugar Sauce

Ninki Don Sg's homemade warabi mochi may be the softest that you will ever taste. Made fresh daily and topped with soybean (kinako) powder that melts in your mouth with every bite! Comes with a pack of Black Honey Sugar. 


Included in the giveaway: 2 sets of 3-Course Ninki Deluxe Meal of your choice (Sirloin Steak/Unagi), 1 bottle of Kamoshibito Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjyo Sake (720ml) and 2 Haiku Sake Glasses.

Kamoshibito Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjyo Sake is the flagship product of the Kamoshibito Kuheiji brewery. A beautiful and elegant sake with complexity and energy, it has melon, pear, apple on the nose, with a hint of lychee, wood leaf, and Japanese cypress. The sake is a pleasant balance between white chocolate sweetness and mandarin orange peel bitterness.

Because this rice is less polished and involved in fermentations at higher temperatures than average, it brings with it sweetness, umami, acidity, astringency and bitterness. Pairing well with Ninki Don Sg's dishes.

Giveaway is over at our Sake Inn Instagram, follow the instructions to participate. Giveaway ends 13 Aug 2021. T&Cs apply. 

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