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Koshi no Kanbai is made in the heart of Niigata, which is one of the most renowned sake-producing regions in all of Japan. The pristinely cold, snowy winters in Niigata is the ideal environment for craft sake brewing. The character and terroir, defined by the rich history and culture of the region, give rise to a variety of light and dry sake that Niigata sake is famous for.

The Niigata region is surrounded by lush nature that creates an outstanding environment for growing rice, tall mountains that bless the land with copious amounts of pure and soft water. The vast stretches of rice fields, cold and clean air facilitate the brewing of Niigata sake which is then enjoyed by consumers across the region, enjoyed with fresh local seafood for which the region is also famous. All of these factors and more have combined to make Niigata unique and special in many ways, not the least of which is its uniquely identifiable sake culture.

Post-war, sweet sake was highly popular, yet Koshi no Kanbai continued to brew sake that they believed in. Their light and dry sake eventually became popular, earning a reputation across Japan.

Commitment to Quality


At Koshi no Kanbai, the best sake rice is used for sake brewing, this includes the famous Yamada Nishiki variety from Hyogo Prefecture. Together with their passion for sake brewing and the trusting relationship they have developed with the rice farmers over the years, Ishimoto Sake Brewery uses their technical brewing prowess to make the most of the superior quality of their raw materials. On top of procuring the best sake rice, they constantly adjust their brewing to fit the quality and special characteristics of each year's harvests.


Koshi no Kanbai uses pure water that traces its source to Niigata's lush natural environment, with its voluminous snow and vast woodlands that nurture and protect it and supply our rivers, including the nearby Agano River. Water is then filtered by them to ensure safety and purity in the sake.


Koshi No Kanbai Sai Junmai Ginjyo Sake

Koshi No Kanbai Sai Junmai Ginjyo Sake - Sake Inn Koshi no Kanbai Blog

越乃寒梅 灑 純米吟醸酒
SMV +2 | Alcohol 15-16%

The embodiment of a new aspiration; the exploration of new possibilities in the Ishimoto Sake Brewery's quest for the ultimate taste — blends the unmistakable umami of rice with a crisp, delicate finish. 

The Koshi No Kanbai Sai Junmai Ginjyo Sake is the result of the brewery’s successful quest to achieve the perfect Junmai Ginjyo. With its brewing aesthetic inspired by the dignity and grace of a plum tree, this elegant drink embodies an unassuming fullness, a soft aroma, smooth finish, and a crisp aftertaste.

Sai is made from Gohyakumangoku and Yamadanishiki rice with a polishing ratio of 55%. The refined, crisp taste of this ginjyo sake, another heir to the Koshi no Kanbai heritage, comes from the Ishimoto Sake Brewery’s mastery of using special sake-brewing rice and low-temperature ageing techniques.

To make Sai as palatable as possible for first-time sake drinkers, we used a junmai blend that accentuates the umami of the rice but made sure that the brew would still deliver a light, understated taste. Although delicious at any temperature, we recommend drinking it at around 10°C, but can also be enjoyed hot or cold.

Recommended pairing with fish cuisines.

Get Koshi No Kanbai Sai Junmai Ginjyo Sake, 720ml.

Koshi No Kanbai Kin-Muku Junmai Daiginjyo Sake

Koshi No Kanbai Kin-Muku Junmai Daiginjyo Sake - Koshi no Kanbai Blog

越乃寒梅 金無垢 純米大吟醸酒
SMV +3 | Alcohol 15% 

Kin-muku Junmai Daiginjyo is made from Yamada Nishiki rice with a polishing ratio of 35% and is known for its faint ginjyo fragrance and profound, delicate flavour.

This sake is the best way to experience the unique qualities of sake made with Yamadanishiki, which grows more flavorful over long brewing. To fully enjoy Kinmuku’s fragrance and taste we recommend that it be served warm.

Recommended pairing with salmon belly sashimi, grilled sanma fish, fried squid with dark shoyu and oden.

Get Koshi No Kanbai Kin-Muku Junmai Daiginjyo Sake, 720ml.

Koshi No Kanbai Bessen Ginjyo Sake

Koshi No Kanbai Bessen Ginjyo Sake | Sake Inn Blog

越乃寒梅 別撰 吟醸酒
SMV +7 | Alcohol 15%

The Koshi No Kanbai Bessen Ginjyo Sake is known for its pleasant, refreshing taste and is made from speciality sake-brewing rice and a yeast variety that produces a light-bodied, fragrant sake. When served at room temperature or chilled it has a refreshing taste that is the hallmark of the tanrei karakuchi style, and features a more expansive flavour when warmed. 

Recommended pairing with okonomiyaki, chirashi don, oyster. 

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