Sake Spotlight - Naraman Junmai Ginjo Sake Mirai

Yumegokoro Brewing Company, located in the Fukushima Prefecture, is home to the award-winning sake brand, Naraman. A very underrated brand, but truly loved by all who know their sake. This brand only uses exceptionally grown rice from local farmers, underground water from Mt. Tsugamine, recognised as top 100 sources of water, selected by the Ministry of Environment, and special yeast developed by Fukushima prefecture. This results in a beautiful brew with a modest aroma that highlights umami flavours, from the highest quality of rice.

Founded in 1877, Yumegokoro Shuzo produces this award-winning brand. Since 1996, the brewery has been operating with cultivated sake rice. More than 80% comes from farms in the Aizu region. The brewery usually uses gohyakumangoku rice, however this special sake is the only one in the brewery that uses sake mirai rice. The brewery also uses a special yeast, called utsukushima yume yeast, the yeast of Fukushima. 


Sake Mirai is a new sake rice developed by Takagi Shuzo, known as one of the most influential sake breweries in the world and home to the iconic Juyondai sake. It was developed in 1999 and it took 18 years to make a cross-breed between Miyamanishiki and Yamadanishiki. The name “Sake Mirai” means “Sake’s future” and was named in the hopes of taking sake to a whole new level.

This hybrid was created to retain some of Yamadanishiki’s best characteristics of a large, high starch core of the rice as well as its low protein content that suits the colder climate. Miyamanishiki was the best mate to cross with Yamadanishiki, making a rare breed of two popular rice used in sake. This premium breed of rice, perfect for brewing high-grade sake was shared by Takagi Shuzo with a few visionary young brewers all around Japan, one of which was Yumegokoro Brewing Company.

Using this special breed of sake mirai rice, the Naraman Sake Mirai Junmai Ginjo was born. It is an extremely aromatic sake; with a nose of melon, pineapple and honeysuckle, causing it to have both a fruity and floral fragrance. It has a unique flavour of banana and strawberry, finishing with a touch of acidity that reminds one of Yuzu peel. This sweet and fresh sake is best enjoyed chilled. 


This special sake pairs well with iconic Japanese foods such as sashimi, tempura or beef tataki. If these foods do not suit your tastes, it also pairs well with light cheeses such as mozzarella and ricotta. Closer to home, it also pairs well with local dishes such as seafood white beehoon. This sake is juicy and sweet which complements umami and savoury food very well, without overpowering the taste of the dish itself, making it a perfect pairing for many dishes, regardless of cuisine.

 Naraman Junmai Ginjo Sake Mirai

Available in 720ml

Made using Sake Mirai Rice from Juyondai (十四代), which is carefully developed by Takagi Shuzo and is a cross-bred between Miyama-nishiki and Yamada-nishiki. Naraman Sake Mirai Junmai Ginjo is extremely aromatic. Best enjoyed chilled.

If you would like to try other types of sake from the Naraman brand, we carry two other variations as well- Naraman Junmai Sake and Naraman Junmai Daiginjyo Sake. Naraman also has many seasonal releases, so make sure to keep a look out for them on our website!

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