Itomen Cha Soba (Buckwheat Matcha Noodle)

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Japanese Name: 播州 茶そば

Itomen Cha Shoba uses Matcha as an ingredient for bringing out Cha ( Green tea) flavour. Please enjoy its perfect balance of soba and green tea flavour. Can be cooked as hot soba or cold dipping soba.

Available in 250g.

Prefecture: Hyogo


Cook Hot Soba in 3 simple steps

1. Boil Bonito Soba Sauce with water as a soup base
2. Add your Soba noodles inside the soup base
3. Add your own ingredients like bonito flakes to enhance the taste

Cook Cold Dipping Soba in 3 simple steps

1. Filter the Soba Noodles with boiling water
2. Place the cooked Soba into a plate of ice 
3. Mix Bonito Soba Tsuyu with hot boiling water and you are ready to dip your cold noodles into the Tsuyu base.
* Add a spoon of sesame oil to the Tsuyu base for an enhanced flavour.