11.11 Staff Picks [Part 2]

To celebrate singles day, we are introducing our first ever 11.11 Staff Picks! ūü•≥ Learn more about our staffs and their favourite Japanese sake and food. Tried and tested by us truly and hopefully it gives you guys the same satisfaction as it gives us. Not to mention, we are having¬†11% OFF STAFF PICKS, just enter code <STAFF11> at checkout to enjoy the promotion specifically for this special collection.


Sake Inn Blog | 11.11 Staff Picks

Leanne is our in-house sommelier who knows her way around the different sake we carry. With her expertise, you can trust her recommendations. Did you know almost all of our bundles are curated by Leanne herself? No wonder they are always a big hit! 


1. Kan Nihon Kai Mizusumi No Sato Junmai Daiginjyo Sake (720ml)

The Kan Nihon Kai's Mizusumi No Sato Junmai Daiginjyo Sake is a premium, well-balanced sake with a rich fruity aroma, achieved by polishing Yamada-Nishiki Rice down to 40%. With brilliant notes of cherry blossoms and honey on the nose. It is a smooth. A finalist at the Ultimate Wine Challenge 2017, you can't go wrong with this bottle of highly recommended sake.

Usual Price: $136

2. Kan Nihon Kai Yuzu Buta Liqueur (300ml)

This refreshing, sweet and sour yuzu liqueuer from Shimane is one of leanne's favourites thanks to the cute pig motifs. With no sugar added, and making use of the gentle sweetness of sake, this Yuzu liqueur has managed to bring out the refreshing aroma of yuzu at a reasonable price. 

Usual Price: $22.90 

3. iichiko Frasco Shochu (720ml)

This clean aromatic shochu is made from 100% barley koji. With its rich body and deep flavour, it is top of the iichiko product range. Highly-pearled, low-temperature fermentation means it can be enjoyed on the rocks, with cold water or hot water without compromising on its supreme taste. This versatile drink is a must for all shochu lovers.

Usual Price: $82

4. Nico Nico Yaki Nori (50 pcs)

This authentic Japanese roasted seaweed is perfect to make sushi or onigiris. Made from seaweed from the Setouchi ocean.

Usual Price : $18

Yong Zheng

Sake Inn Blog | 11.11 Staff Picks

The newest addition to our Sake Inn family has a talent for baking and making sweets!  Occasionally, he would even pair his favourite sake with a sweet or two. Not to mention, he is an avid photographer too. Ask him for some photography tips!


1. Okunomatsu George Black Junmai Daiginjyo (720ml)

One of the Samurai labels for Okunomatsu brewery, George Black Junmai Daiginjyo is a sake produced by the nineteenth head of the samurai, Takeji Yusa, who is the descendant of the samurai. This sake is extremely delicate but yet provides an overpowering aftertaste, a fitting drink for a samurai. 

Usual Price: $82

2. Koshino Tosetsuka Junmai Ginjyo Sake (720ml, 1800ml) 

Offering a perfect balance of aroma, taste and finish. This delicate and light sake, has a dry yet well-defined umami aftertaste. Serve it either chilled or warm to experience a different texture. Made from Gohyakumangoku rice, milled till 60%. 

Usual Price: $55 (720ml)

3. Calpico Original (500ml) 

Calpico Original is a non-carbonated drink made from milk and lactobacili, and is a very popular drink in Japan. With its refreshing, sweet and milky flavour, it is a childhood favourite of many. Best served chilled or on the rocks. 

Usual Price: $4

4. Masu Cup

In the feudal period, masu cups were traditionally used to measure rice portions in Japan. Made of cedar wood, it has a natural antibacterial property. It complements sake perfectly to bring our the natural aroma of sake. Carries a woodsy, clean scent.

Usual Price: $10


Sake Inn Blog | 11.11 Staff Picks

Peggy is not a big fan of drinking, therefore she prefers drinks that are smooth, with a lighter and fruitier scent. In addition, she loves noodles a lot. You can see her stocking up on Marutai Ramen or Hachi Pasta sauces. 


1. Koshi No Kanbai Kin-muku Junmai Daiginjyo (720ml)

Kin-muku Junmai Daiginjyo is made from Yamadanishiki rice with a polishing ratio of 35% and is known for its faint ginjyo fragrance and profound, delicate flavour. In a general rule of thumb, most junmai daiginjyos are recommended to be served chilled due to its delicate nature of the sake. However, this junmai daiginjyo is special as it is recommended to be served warm in order to experience its unique qualities.

Usual Price: $128

2. Ozeki Osakaya Chobei Daiginjyo Sake (180ml, 300ml, 720ml)

Named after Ozeki brewery's founder, this sake is brewed from highly polished rice. Its rich yet fruity aroma is surprisingly smooth, with reminiscent of melons or lychee. Best served chilled or at room temperature. Enjoy it with lighter dishes in order to not musk the delicate flavour of this great sake. 

Usual Price: $56 (720ml)

3. Chokkyu Shoubu Chu-Hi Grapefruit (350ml)

With a tangy aftertaste and a clear, dry taste of grapefruit. This Chu-Hi is a perfect drink to complement any cuisine thanks to its rich flavour and low alcohol content. A very satisfying drink for a hot afternoon.

Usual Price: $5

4. Marutai Kurume Nouka Tonkotsu Packet Ramen (1 Packet)

Kurume is a city in Fukuoka prefecture, is known as a Ramen city. This Marutai Kurume Nouka Tonkotsu Packet Ramen (Fukuoka ramen) has a fragrant soup base of pork bone with an added aroma of onion, ginger and soy sauce. It has a strong umami flavour with a pleasant sweetness of its rich pork stock. Did you know: Marutai Packet Ramen is one of our best-selling food?

Usual Price: $4


Did Leanne, Yong Zheng and Peggy convinced you to get any of their favourites? If you need more ideas, do check out Steph's and Wei Yang's recommendation on our previous blog! Remember we are having 11% OFF STAFF PICKS, just enter code <STAFF11> at checkout to enjoy the promotion! Promotion Valid till 15 Nov 2020. *T&Cs apply.

Have questions regarding your sake or sake in general? Feel free to ask us!

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