11.11 Staff Picks [Part 1]

To celebrate singles day, we are introducing our first ever 11.11 Staff Picks! ūü•≥ Learn more about our staffs and their favourite Japanese sake and food. Tried and tested by us truly and hopefully it gives you guys the same satisfaction as it gives us. Not to mention, we are having 11% OFF STAFF PICKS, just enter code <STAFF11> at checkout to enjoy the promotion specifically for this special collection.


Sake Inn Blog | 11.11 Staff Picks




Sake Inn Blog | 11.11 Staff Picks

Our office foodie, Steph, loves going out in search of new food to try. She likes dachshunds and hates cats a lot. If she can eat one kind of rice forever, it would definitely be Japanese rice. 



1. Tamano Hikari Bizen Omachi Junmai Daiginjyo Sake (300ml, 720ml, 1800ml)

Made with Omachi rice, a rare variety of rice regarded as the best for making sake. It has a slightly dry and clear taste, with a fruity aroma and a deep flavour. Pair it Japanese sushi and tempura, or even fish-based French and Italian dishes, to really bring out its unique aroma. 

Usual Price: $68 (720ml)

2. Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai Sake (300ml, 720ml)

Produced only for export to markets out of Japan. The rice is polished down to 60% to produce a clean, junmai-style sake. Its well-balanced, mellow and elegant flavour is tailored to match not only delicate Japanese cuisine but also a wide range of foods from other cultures. Try it with local favourite - Korean Barbeque (KBBQ) or Thai mookata. 

Usual Price: $45 (720ml)

3. Godo Tan-Taka-Tan Shiso Plum Wine (500ml)

This plum liqueur is made with aromatic Japanese shiso leaves (a herb in the mint family). Resulting plum liqueur produces a wonderful scent and soft flavour of shiso leaves. 

Usual Price: $35

4. Akita Prefecture Akita Komachi Rice (2KG)

Did you know we harvest and grow our rice from the fields in Akita, Japan? Our rice is imported under optimum conditions to preserve freshness in each grain and milled in our milling facility. Ensuring freshness and the highest quality for our customers. Enjoy freshly polished rice in the comfort of your own home.

Usual Price: $16.50 

Wei Yang


Sake Inn Blog | 11.11 Staff Picks


An avid gamer, Wei Yang eats the least in the office. "No wonder you are skinny!" we always tell him. But secretly, I want him to teach me his ways. Even though he doesn't know much about the latest food trends, he knows a thing or two about his favourite liqueurs. 


1. Kamoshibito Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjyo Sake (720ml)

One of Sake Inn best-sellers, Kamoshibito Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjyo Sake is a flagship product of the renowned Kamoshibito Kuheiji brewery. This beautiful and elegant sake will capture your attention with its hint of lychee, wood leaf and Japanese cypress. This premium sake is not to be missed, pairs well with foie gras and seafood. But really, it is already good on its own. Best served chilled.

Usual Price: $83 

2. Kyohime Kanjuku Yuzu Lemon Liqueur (500ml)

Kyohime Kanjuku Yuzu Lemon Liqueur is produced with one-seventh ripe Yuzu fruits and two pieces of locally-produced lemons. This results in a unique and refreshing taste, with a lingering aftertaste. Great for perk-me-up due to his slightly sweeta and sour taste. Chill it and pair it with light dishes for a relaxing evening. 

3. Ozeki Momo Umeshu (720ml)

Using Hakuou Momo, also known as the king of peaches, and also the highest quality of Nanko-Bai ume, you can be sure this momo umeshu is a masterpiece. If you love peaches, this drink is for you!  With an alcohol percentage of 8.5%, you can drink this throughout the night easily. 

Usual Price: $34 

4. Sanko Cheese Almond Cracker

This local-favourite cracker needs almost no introduction. Each cracker comes an almond, that goes so well with the light cheese flavour and saltiness of the cracker. Pop this in your mouth, but warning, it can be highly addictive. No wonder it is always gone in minutes in the office.

Usual Price: $4


Did Steph and Wei Yang convinced you to get any of their favourites? If you need more ideas, do check out Leanne's, Yong Zheng's and Peggy's recommendation on our next blog! Remember we are having 11% OFF STAFF PICKS, just enter code <STAFF11> at checkout to enjoy the promotion! Promotion Valid till 15 Nov 2020. *T&Cs apply.

Have questions regarding your sake or sake in general? Feel free to ask us!

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