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百黙 Hyaku Moku — The Path to Fine Sake

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For the first time in 130 years, Kiku-Masamune brewer has launched a new sake brand — Hyaku Moku. Driven by a modern and premium concept to allow sake lovers to enjoy a perfect combination of Hyaku Moku and various foods, the goal is to create synergy with the specially selected ingredients in almost any dish. It is the sake to be for this exciting new era of cuisines. 

For more than 100 years, through celebrating the seasons' festivals together, sharing the happiness of harvests together, exchanging cups of sake together, and making the finest sake rice together; this is a sake that treasures the profound bond with the Kanokai farmers association. Fine water, fine rice, and fine people, the Kiku-Masamune Brewery has stood for 350 over years because of each generations' talents. 

Hyaku Moku possesses a commanding sharpness that transcends sweet and dry. A rich clarity with unprecedented harmony. With a sip, the echoes of umami within it reveal the subtleties of any food you pair with.

Rice — Yamada Nishiki

The path to fine sake begins with fine rice. Yamada Nishiki rice is regarded as one of the highest-ranked rice amongst sake rice varieties. Hyaku Moku uses 'Special A" grade rice grown from contract farms in Yokawa, Miki City, Hyogo, where Yamada Nishiki originated and where it grows the best. It features the complete harmony of commanding sharpness and rich moisture. With a sip, the echoes of the umami within it help reveal the subtleties of food.

Water — Miyamizu

Great sake is born from great water. To brew an uncompromisingly finest grade of Yamada Nishiki Sake, only the natural miyamizu will do. It is the reason why sake produced in Nada district is said to be superior. The brewery manages 15 miyamizu wells at their source in the Rokko Mountains, far more than any other breweries in the region.

Hyakumoku Junmai Daiginjyo Sake

Hyakumoku Junmai Daiginjyo Sake - Sake Inn Blog

百黙 純米大吟醸

"A unique profile of mikan syrup, stewed pineapple and savoury flavours of juicy jackfruit and concentrated pineapple juice."

This super-premium junmai daiginjyo is a naturally fermented pure sake is the product of over a century’s bond between this region’s farmers and brewers. Large-grain Yamada Nishiki “Special A”, grown in Yokawa Hyogo, is polished down 39% of its original size and brewed without additives or accelerants. Brilliant in taste with an expansive fruity palette of elegant sweetness with lively acidity, it finishes refreshingly crisp.

Pairs well with cheese, cold cuts and Japanese dishes.

Awards: 2020 International Taste Institution Superior Taste Award, 2019 Monde Selection Grand Gold

Get Hyaku Moku Junmai Daiginjyo Sake here. Comes in 720ml and 1.8Ltr.

Hyakumoku Alt.3 Sake

Hyakumoku Alt.3 Sake - Sake Inn

百黙 Alt.3 (オルトスリー)

"Bright and present, it blossoms with sweetness, bitterness, freshness, and roundness forming a harmonious full-bodied flavour."

Alt.3 is a blend of unpasteurized sakes brewed from Yamada Nishiki rice, from Hyogo “Special A” grade, the third offering from a brewery representing the finest in sake for some 350 years. 

Its rich complex taste might be a perfect match to the savoury flavours of white fish butter meuniere, or other light yet flavorful fresh ingredients. Pairs well with pasta, fried chicken and food rich in umami. 

Get Hyaku Moku Alt.3 Sake here. Comes in 720ml.

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