Christmas Gifts Ideas Under $100

Its the Christmas and holiday season and you know what it means - fretting over what to get for you loved ones. But don't worry, here are some ideas from our Christmas Collection for you to have a peace of mind. 

Our Christmas Collection is specially put together for our customers. They include exclusive promotions (find out more here), best sellers, as well as, new arrivals. Check out our Christmas gift ideas for under a $100!

Gifts Under $50

Sake Inn | Christmas Gift Ideas under $50

1. Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai Sake 
八海山 特別純米酒

The Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai Sake is produced only for export to markets out of Japan. The rice is polished down to 60% to produce a clean, junmai-style sake. Its well-balanced, mellow and elegant flavour is tailored to match not only delicate Japanese cuisine but also a wide range of foods from other cultures.

Get this for the cousin who loves trying and pairing new food with alcohol. The foodie in him/her would be amazed how versatile this sake is.

2. Jyoppari Aomori Ginjyo Sake
じょっぱり 吟醸酒

A simple, well-rounded sake with a subtle richness coming from the robust flavour of the rice. It also has a sweet undertone that makes it flavourful, despite its dry nature. Jyoppari Aomori Ginjyo Sake pairs great with shoyu ramen, fried food and sauté mushrooms. The sweet yet dry nature will help to cut some of the richness.

Get this for the sibling that you have a love-hate relationship with. Have a drink or two together during this holiday season.

3. Kakushi Gura Mugi Shochu
浜田 隠し蔵 麦 長期貯蔵 焼酎

Single-distilled Shochu. Made from carefully chosen superior barley and 100% natural spring water, and aged in oak barrels. Kakushi Gura Mugi Shochu's well-balanced flavour is reminiscent of a smooth, mild whisky. It's oak fragrance and mild earthy flavour is easy to match with any cuisine. Recommended to be drunk chilled or warm.

Get this for the whisky-loving uncle who needs something different once in a while. He would definitely fall in love with this premium shochu.

4. Ohshukubai Plum Wine Umeshu
鶯宿梅 梅酒 デカンタ梅入り

The Ohshukubai Umeshu Decanter has a mild taste and sweetness, with a smooth texture. It is made from green plum, distilled alcohol, glucose, honey and caramel, resulting in its unique and unforgettable taste. It is very versatile and can be consumed straight, on the rocks, warmed, or mixed with water or soda for cocktails.

Get this for the sweet aunt who is always bringing you food. Show her some love, like how she has shown you!

Gifts Under $100

Sake Inn | Gift Guide for Christmas 2020

1. Daishinshu Kinmon-Nishiki Junmai Daiginjyo Sake
大信州 金紋錦 純米大吟醸酒

A slightly drier sake when compared, this Daishinshu Kimon Nishiki Junmai Daiginjyo Sake is refined with a well-balanced finish. Using a rarer type of sake rice that is - Kinmon Nishiki rice, it has a rice polishing rate of 49%. The resultant sake has a fragrance that captures you at the start while the sweetness of sake lingers in the mouth. 

Get this for Dad who loves his dry sake and noodles. You cannot go wrong with this sake, goes great with spaghetti, ramen and soba.

2. Nishi Shuzo Kiccho Houzan Imo Shochu
吉兆 宝山  焼酎 

The Kiccho Houzan Imo Shochu is made from selected sweet potatoes grown by local farmers and black rice koji. Its resulting taste is thick and smooth, with a sophisticated sweetness that will leave an impression on the drinker. Pairs well with cured ham, grilled meat and fish.

Get this for the colleague who would complain that he did not get anything good for the gift exchange. Surprise him/her with this deliciously smooth Shochu instead of another wine.

3. Kan Nihon Kai UZU Yamada-nishiki Junmai Ginjyo Sake
環日本海 渦山田錦 純米吟醸酒

Kan Nihon Kai Sake Brewery brews the UZU labels with an image that the sake will excitingly melt in your mouth like 'whirlpools' after each sip. This UZU Yamada-Nishiki Junmai Ginjyo Sake has an elegant fragrance and the natural taste of rice. Made using Yamada-Nishiki rice with a polishing rate of 55% to brew this sake, resulting in the light-weight, medium aroma yet full-bodied complex taste when savoured. 

Get this for your office crush. Let them know what you really think ;)

4. Amanoto Junkara Junmai Sake
天の戸 醇辛 純米酒

The Amanoto Junkara Junmai Sake is well-balanced, with a dry, earthy taste. It has a brilliant aroma and delightful acidity, with an easy-to-drink texture with a floral nose. Has a rice polishing ratio of 60%,  It is best served warm or at room temperature, and complements well with any cuisine.

A perfect for mom, thanks to its brilliant aroma and smooth texture. Best paired with mom's cooking of course.

Sake Inn | Christmas Cards
Not to mention we are also providing you with FREE Christmas cards to include in your parcel! Just let us know at checkout that you would like a Christmas card and the message to be written on the card (optional). 

Do note that cards will be handwritten by us. Each order will be eligible for a maximum of 2 free cards. Sake Inn Christmas Cards are available till 28 Dec 2020 or while stocks last. T&Cs apply.

*If there is no indication of a Christmas card, all our messages is usually written on regular printed paper.

We hope everyone's remaining month of 2020 will be a joyous and surrounded by your loved ones. Let us know what you will be getting for your friends and family, we would love to hear. Happy Holidays! ✨

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