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Kato Sake Brewery was founded at the end of the Edo period and Meiri Shurui was founded in 1954 as a collaborative venture to bring together sake brewers of Ibaraki and Tochigi Prefectures. The brewery has been manufacturing sake, shochu and umeshu with a mission to continuously develop and produce items of high-quality; as seen by their award-winning Meiri Shurui Hyakunen Umeshu.

We got a sweet deal for you! In collaboration with Meiri Shurui Brewery, we are now having a promotion for all Meiri Shurui products from now till end Feb 2021. Check out for more information below, especially for our Sake Inn customers.

[Notice: Promotion has ended]

Meiri Shurui Hyakunen Umeshu

Meiri Shurui Hyakunen Umeshu 720ml | $49.90 (U.P. $60)
明利 百年梅酒

The Meiri Shurui Hyakunen Umeshu, also known as "Hundred Years Umeshu" is a sweet plum liqueur with low acidity. It is produced from carefully selected and hand-picked plums from Shirakaga. Its mellow and thick taste is enjoyed by umeshu lovers all over. Its rich taste pairs well with fried food.

Plums for Umeshu

Using 100% domestic Shirakaga ume. Plums are aged and soaked for a period of time with its flavours adjusted with brandy and honey, and finished with natural Mizuto Kasawara water to produce an aged taste that is well-loved and undeniably delicious. 

This is no ordinary umeshu as it has won numerous awards including the 2008 Osaka Tenmangu Umeshu Competition, 2013 Mito Plum Festival Umeshu Competition and other numerous plum wine competitions.

Find out more about one of our best-selling umeshu here

Meiri Shurui Wa Vodka

Meiri Shurui Wa Vodka 750ml | $57 (U.P. $85)
和 ウォッカ

Vodka with a Japanese taste. This Meiri Shurui Wa Vodka is one of the first Japanese vodkas to be made with a sake base. Made using carefully filtered and selected domestic birch charcoal to give it a clearer taste. Using water from fresh springs in Mito City, this vodka has a clean, crisp and fresh finish.
With an alcohol percentage of 40% it makes a great base for cocktails, with a littler mixer or enjoying it straight.

Enjoy this high-quality Japanese vodka here.

Meiri Shurui Premium Japanese Craft Gin

Meiri Shurui Premium Japanese Craft Gin 700ml | $88 (U.P. $140)
プレミアムクラフトジン 和ジン

A Japanese original craft gin based on spirits distilled from sake and stored for 10 years. The spirits of distilled sake are scented with 7 botanicals such as juniper berry, orange peel and lemon peel. Aged for 10 years, one can enjoy the sharpening of senses with the rich fragrance and exhilarating taste of Meiri Shurui Premium Japanese Craft Gin. Enjoy this elegant Japanese gin by making your own gin and tonic.

Great addition to your gin collection. Find out more here

Meiri Kairakuen Umeshu

Meiri Shurui Kairakuen Umeshu

Meiri Shurui Kairakuen Umeshu 160ml | $6 (U.P. $8)
明利  偕楽園 梅酒 

A perfect serving of plum wine to be enjoyed by yourself. This Kairakuen Umeshu has an enjoyable and mellow aroma with a refreshing taste. A traditional umeshu made using high-quality Japanese Nanko plum, available exclusively at Sake Inn. Enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste of plums in a cup.

Pamper yourself, get it here.


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