Sake Tasting Experience - Our First Ever!!

Our first ever sake tasting experience was held on the 24th of September, as a prelude to celebrating World Sake Day! We transformed part of our office space to accomodate 4 tables- chock full of a wide variety of drinks. Ranging from exclusive seasonal sakes and refreshing fruit liqueurs to special shochu cocktails, made on the spot by our very own sommelier.

Our first 20 people who signed up received an exclusive 24k gold-plated sake cup to enjoy their newly bought sakes in! We welcomed 30 attendees over 4 time slots, with our earliest attendees joining us at 11am to taste our sakes! Once they arrived, they warmly welcomed and handed sake inn tote bags to hold whatever sakes their heart desired.

With most people starting out at our liqueur and sparkling sake booth to whet their appetite, they moved onto some of our newest sakes, some of them exclusive to only 1 or 2 bottles. Following that, they made their way to our cozy cocktail booth tucked at the corner, where our very own sommelier mixed up cocktails for tasting. Two of our featured cocktails were Ozeki's Lemon Sour No Moto mixed with soda water and our Coffee Shochu~ cocktail, a collaboration with Hook Coffee. Lastly, heading to the end with a bag full of their desired sakes and a stomach full of sake.

Atendees finished off their sake tasting experience by taking a picture at our accent wall of sake barrels with their bag or bags of loot! We hoped those who came had as much fun as us and discovered a new sake that they loved!

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