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Stay safe and stay home with Sake Inn! With the new tightened measures in place, we want to keep you and your loved ones safe as well. Enjoy 10% OFF sitewide from now till 23 May 2021 with the promo code <STAYHOME>, with no minimum purchase required*.

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Not sure what to get? Here are 5 of our recommendations!

SMV +4 | Alcohol 16-17% | Hiroshima
$45 (U.P. $50)

Honshu-Ichi Muroka Junmai Sake makes use of Senbon-nishiki rice, one of the best sake rice in Hiroshima, polishing it down to 65%. The sake is muroka (無濾過), or 'unfiltered', creating its rich flavour profile and well balanced aroma.

We recommend pairing Honshu-Ichi Muroka Junmai Sake with chicken, sweet corn or potatoes.

Available in 720ml here.

吉乃川【極上】 特別純米酒
SMV +2 | Alcohol 15% | Niigata
$46.80 (U.P. $52)

Yoshino Gawa Tokubetsu Junmai is made from a locally harvested sake rice in Nigata, Gohyaku Mangoku, developed by the brewers themselves for sake-making. This sake can be served in a wide range of temperatures — cold, room temperature or warmed. The sake's smooth yet rich flavour, alongside with its deep aroma will be heightened when serving as warm or hot sake.

Available in 720ml here.

山丹正宗 <刀> 純米大吟醸
SMV +4 | Alcohol 15-16% | Ehime
$80 (U.P. $100)

The name of Yamatan-Masamune Katana Junmai Daiginjyo Sake comes from “Masamune”, katanas (Japanese swords) which possess a reputation for their superior beauty and quality. Like a katana, this sake has a remarkable sharpness in flavour which goes well with a variety of cuisine. Its spectacular bottle design, reminiscent of a katana, makes it an ideal gift as well!

Available in 720 ml here.

副将軍 純米大吟醸酒
SMV +5 | Alcohol 16% | Ibaraki
$70.20 (U.P. $78)

Fuku-shogun Junmai Daiginjyo Sake uses Yamada-nishiki rice in their brewing process. The sweet and powerful taste of the rice, as well as its full-bodied aroma, will definitely pique your palate. Our sommeliers love to pair this junmai daiginjyo with an appetiser to stimulate their appetites before going into the main course.

Available in 720 ml here.

Alcohol 25% | Oita
$40.50 (U.P. $45)

The iichiko Mugi (Hana Label) Shochu has an outstanding aroma combined with an excellent body. Only produced during the sakura season, this bottle with its exquisite limited edition packaging is best for the sakura season! It can be enjoyed in a variety of ways – on the rocks, or with cold or hot water – each bringing out its sophisticated flavour in a different manner.

Available in 720ml here.


* Do note that the promotion is not valid with Bundles, Sake Instruments, Giftcards and other promos. We are also no longer accepting self-collection and walk-ins for the time period; however, free standard delivery for orders $100 and above is still available online!

We hope to see you soon, in the meantime let's keep each other safe!

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