Hyaku Moku Junmai Ginjyo Bundle

Hyaku Moku Junmai Ginjyo Bundle

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Name: Hyaku Moku Junmai Ginjyo Sake (1.8 LTR)
Japanese Name: 百黙 純米吟醸

This Junmai Ginjo premium naturally fermented pure sake is also the product of over a century’s bond between this region’s farmers and brewers. Large-grain Yamada Nishiki, Yokawa Hyogo’s “special A”Grand Cru terroir, polished to 59%, and brewed without additives or accelerants. Opening with notes of ripe pear, followed by plum or yellow peach sweetness, the rice’s umami and hint of acidity leave a dry and airy rich afterglow.

2019 International Wine Challenge – Silver


Name: Ajiwai Glass x2

The sake Ajiwai glass, totally handmade, has the perfect shape for a gustative tasting. All the perfumes and flavors will be delicately liberated.