Kiku-Masamune Ping Paper Pack Sake

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Japanese Name: 菊正宗 ピン酒 紙パック

The Kiku Masamune Ping Sake carries a delightful mild taste, leaving behind a delicate roll on the palate. The word ‘Ping’ means exactly that, and the sake is best enjoyed either hot or warm for more sharpened aromas. Recommended to be pair with Mediterranean chicken, hot pot, beancurd skin and ebi sashimi.

Available in 900ML


  • Grade: Futsushu (Others)

  • Rice Type: -

  • Rice Polishing Ratio: -

  • SMV: +3.5

  • Alcohol: 15%

  • Prefecture: Hyogo

  • Brewery: Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewing

  • Taste Profile: Rich

  • Awards: 2021 Monde Selection: Gold Award 2020 Monde Selection: Gold Award 2019 Monde Selection: Gold Award