B13 Kikusui Shiroki Tenryu Honjyozo Nigori Sake

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Japanese Name: 喜久水本醸造にごり酒白貴天龍

Kikusui Shiroki Tenryu Honjyozo Nigori Sake has a rich rice aroma with a creamy flavour on the palate. As its mild sweetness and umami expand when serving at a hot temperature, it is recommended to serve as hot sake as well, even though most of the unfiltered sakes are recommended to drink chilled. Recommended pairing with bonito flakes udon, okonomiyaki, avocado and tofu salad.

Available in 720 ML and 300 ML

2021 International Wine Challenge: Gold Winner 
2021 International Wine Challenge: Great Value Winner
2018 International Wine Challenge: Gold Winner