Kimoto Masu Bundle

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Enjoy traditional ways of drinking Japanese Kimoto (authentic brewing technique) sake with our exclusive Masu cup and Haiku sake glass. A collectible for sake lovers out there.


Kiku Masamune Kimoto Daiginjyo Sake (720ml) x1
Japanese Name: 
菊正宗 キモト 大吟醸

The Kiku Masamune Kimoto Daiginjyo Sake is brewed using the traditional and labour intensive Kimoto method, which results in the signature clean, crisp taste. This sake is one brew to please every discerning palate, with its distinctive, rich flavour slightly tart with a slight semblance of pears. It can be best savoured either at room temperature or chilled.

SMV: +3.5
Alcohol: 15%
Prefecture: Hyogo


Name: Haiku Sake Glass (60 ml) x1

Perfect to serve chilled sake, this sake shot glass is a dainty addition for any drinking session. Whether you fancy a garden party or an indoor soiree, this clear glass sake cup will serve well with its simple yet appealing aesthetics and its functionality.

Name: Masu Cup x1 

Japanese Name: 枡

Made from Yoshino cedar wood from Hyogo prefecture, perfect for drinking sake. Said to complement traditionally brewed sake, since it's brewed in wooden casks. They also carry a woodsy, clean scent as an added touch, and can be used as a container for the short glass or by itself as a cup.