Kure Muroka Ginjyo Sake 300ml

Kure Muroka Ginjyo Sake

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Japanese Name: 久礼 無濾過 吟醸酒

The Kure Muroka Ginjyo Sake is brewed with locally grown rice, resulting in a slightly dry taste with a crisp, mineral-rich flavour, followed by a clean finish. This sake has not yet been 'charcoal filtered' by the brewery and hence is lightly delicate and complex, and is best enjoyed cold. Recommended pairing with light flavour food profiles like tonkatsu based ramen or shabu-shabu hot pot.

Available in 300ML


  • Grade: Ginjyo

  • Rice Type: -

  • Rice Polishing Ratio: 50%

  • SMV: +10

  • Alcohol: 17%

  • Prefecture: Kochi 高知

  • Brewery: Nishioka Sake Brewery

  • Taste Profile: Rich