Ninki-Ichi Sparkling Junmai Ginjyo Sake

Ninki-Ichi Sparkling Junmai Ginjyo Sake

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Japanese Name: 人気一 スパークリング 純米吟醸

The Ninki Ichi Sparkling Junmai Ginjyo Sake is brewed only using the ingredients of rice and koji. Fermentation occurs within the bottle, containing its own carbon dioxide and creating a sparkling sake that exudes both quality and taste. It has a pleasant sweetness and lingering aftertaste and is best served chilled.

Available in 300ML


  • Grade: Junmai Ginjyo

  • Rice Type: -

  • Rice Polishing Ratio: 60%

  • SMV: -70

  • Alcohol: 7%

  • Prefecture: Fukushima

  • Brewery: Ninki Inc

  • Taste Profile: Refreshing

  • Awards: 2022 International Wine Challenge: Commended Award