Ohshukubai Gokujoh Umeshu (Plum Wine)

Ohshukubai Gokujoh Umeshu (Plum Wine)

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Japanese Name:  鴬宿梅 極上

Ohshukubai Gokujoh Umeshu is a plum wine with enjoyable taste, deep aroma and a lingering sweetness from adding brandy to the rich taste of plum. The fresh, thick taste and sweetness of the pickled plums from Nara prefecture can be fully enjoyed by using a well-balanced combination of raw sake aged for one year, plum juice, in-house plum distilled liquor, and three kinds of sugar (glucose-fructose, white sugar, oligosaccharide).

The company's "artisan blender" blends raw sake so that the taste, sweetness and aroma are perfectly balanced. Now, in pursuit of a more delicious plum wine, the Ohshukubai Gokujoh Umeshu, which has been loved by many customers since its launch in 1989, will be renewed for the first time.

Available in 720ML