Onibi Imo Shochu


Imo Shochu

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Japanese Name: 炭火焼き芋焼酎 鬼火

The Onibi Imo Shochu is made from deeply charcoal-baked sweet potatoes called “ Tanega-Shima Murasaki-Imo” which only can be harvested in Tanega-Shima Island in Kagoshima.

In result of using these charcoal-baked potatoes instead of normal sweet potatoes, Onibi Imo Shochu manages to create deeply aromatic shochu with pleasantly sweet flavor.

Not only for shochu experts, but this shochu is also suitable for shochu beginners and women who don’t often drink shochu. It can be paired with variety of cuisine, also can be served in many ways, with the rock-ice, water and hot-water.

Prefecture: Kagoshima 鹿児島