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Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Sparkling Sake

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Japanese Name: 大関 花泡香スパークリング日本酒

The Hana Awa Ka Sparkling Sake is a refreshing, fizzy, low-alcohol sake. Its name translates to ‘sparkling flower’, and the light, pleasant bubbly sake is perfect for desserts or after-work relaxation. It has a mild sweetness and acidity and serves very well chilled for maximum refreshment.

Available in 250ML


  • Type: 

  • Alcohol: 7%

  • Prefecture: Hyogo

  • Brewery: Ozeki Brewery

  • Taste Profile: Refreshing

  • Awards: 2021 Fine Sake Award - Gold 2017 International Taste Institute ITQI Superior Taste Award 2017 Foodex Japan International Food and Beverage Exhibition