Ozeki Josen Kinkan (Gold) Sake

Ozeki Josen Kinkan (Gold) Sake

Ozeki Josen Kinkan (Gold) Sake

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Japanese Name: 大関  金冠上撰 

One of the oldest breweries in Japan, Ozeki was founded in 1711 at Imazu village, located in the Nada region of Hyogo Prefecture, a region famous for sake production all around Japan. In the past, Ozeki was the title awarded to the grand champion sumo wrestler. Ozeki chose this name to use the sumo world as publicity, but this also motivated the brewery to do a good job making sake.

Ozeki Kinkan is an extremely versatile sake, and can be enjoyed at any temperature. It is well-balanced with sweetness and dryness, and can be paired with a wide variety of cuisines.

Available in 720ML


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