Tamano Hikari Sampler Box

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Enjoy our very first brewery sampler box, featuring Tamano Hikari Brewery from Kyoto! The sampler box includes three best-selling bottles from Tamano Hikari Brewery: Tamano Hikari refreshing fruits Yuzu and Plum liqueurs, as well as the well-known Tamano Hikari Bizen Omachi Junmai Daiginjyo sake. As the name suggests, the sakes will come in 300ml sample-sized bottles, a great way to try it out before indulging in bigger bottles. 

Read more about Tamano Hikari Brewery on our blog post here. 

While stocks last due to the limited quantity of Tamano Hikari Boxes provided (yes! the boxes are from Tamano Hikari Brewery themselves!)


Name: Tamano Hikari Yuzu Liqueur (300ml) x1
Japanese Name: 玉乃光 京の柚子酒

The Tamano Hikari Yuzushu is Tamano Hikari Sake Brewery’s first-ever yuzu liqueur to be produced. Its low alcohol content boasts an alluring sweetness and a gentle bite that will excite your taste buds. Best served chilled.

Alcohol: 10%
Prefecture: Kyoto

Name:  Tamano Hikari Bizen Omachi Junmai Daiginjyo Sake (300ml) x1
Japanese Name: 玉乃光 備前 雄町 純米大吟醸酒

The Tamano Hikari Bizen Omachi Junmai Daiginjyo Sake is made with Omachi rice, a rare variety of rice regarded as the best for making sake. It has a slightly dry and clear taste, with a fruity aroma and a deep flavour. The sake pairs well with Japanese sushi and tempura, as well as fish-based French and Italian dishes.

Alcohol: 16.2%
Prefecture: Kyoto

Name: Tamano Hikari Plum Umeshu (300ml) x1
Japanese Name: 玉乃光 京の柚子酒

The Tamano Hikari Umeshu is produced by Kyoto’s Tamano Hikari Sake Brewery. Its sweet taste conjures a rich bouquet and a robust flavour. The beverage is best enjoyed chilled and paired with light dishes.

Alcohol: 12%
Prefecture: Kyoto