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Vitality Bundle - Sake Inn
Vitality Bundle - Sake Inn
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Vitality Bundle

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Okunomatsu Adatara Ginjyo Sake (720ml)
Japanese Name: 
奥の松 あだたら吟醸

This Okunomatsu Adatara Ginjyo Sake that aims to be a "ginjyo liquor that can be drunk every night". It uses the underground water of Adachi Tarayama, the famous mountain of Nihonmatsu, Fukushima. With a desire to be a local sake brewery that can offer a class of deliciousness at an affordable price.  Okunomatsu Adatara Ginjyo Sake is a perfect ginjyo sake that is wonderful for an evening sip, goes well with any grilled food and skewer too.

This sake won the International Wine Challenge (IWC) Gold Award 2018 as the overall Champion Sake 2018.  A full and lively aroma with a smooth finish. Selected by 59 experts from 15 countries, it topped a world-class line-up of 1,639 labels across all varieties of sake.

SMV: +4
Alcohol: 15%
Prefecture: Fukushima

Name: Masu Cup Set

Includes Masu Cup (枡) and a Sake Shot Glass (60ml). The Masu Cup is made from Yoshino cedar wood from Hyogo prefecture, perfect for drinking sake. Said to complement traditionally brewed sake, since it's brewed in wooden casks. They also carry a woodsy, clean scent as an added touch, and can be used as a container for the shot glass or by themselves as a cup. 

The Sake Shot Glass is the perfect size to serve chilled sake, this sake shot glass is a dainty addition for any drinking session. Whether you fancy a garden party or an indoor soiree, this clear glass sake cups set will serve well with its simple yet appealing aesthetics and its functionality.

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