Zuiyo Kumamon Cup Sake

Zuiyo Kumamon Cup Sake

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Japanese Name:  瑞鷹 くまもとカップ(くまモン絵入り)

A dry sake with a taste that you won't get tired of drinking is packed in a "Kumamon" cup.

Dry but clean with a crisp, refreshing aroma and mellow taste, packed in a cup designed with the popular character "Kumamon" from Kumamoto Prefecture. Deep umami taste that is delicious to drink. Great in any serving temperature from chilled to hot.

Available in 180ML 


  • Grade: Futushu (Others)

  • Rice Type: -

  • Rice Polishing Ratio: -

  • SMV: +5

  • Alcohol: 15%

  • Prefecture: Kumamoto 熊本

  • Brewery: Zuiyo

  • Taste Profile: Aromatic