Hot Sake Pot

Hot Sake Pot - Sake Inn
Hot Sake Pot - Sake Inn

Hot Sake Pot

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Hot Sake pot used to serve warm sake. Does not come with a ceramic choko cup. Get your choko cups here

Maximum Capacity : 250ml

Experiment with different temperatures and enjoy the different flavours and aromas. Learn more about heating your sake in our blog.

Hinatakan (Room Temperature)

- Drinking temperature: 30℃
- Subtle aroma and flavour

Hitohadakan (Body Temperature)

- Drinking Temperature: 35℃
- Flavour spreads across the palate. Pleasant aroma of rice and koji

Nurukan (Lukewarm)

- Drinking Temperature: 40℃
- Strong aroma

Jokan (Warm)

- Drinking Temperature: 45℃
- Intense aroma 

Atsukan (Hot)

- Drinking Temperature: 50℃
- Crisp, dry flavour with a sharp aroma

Tobikirikan (Piping Hot)

- Drinking Temperature: 55℃
- Sharp aroma with a dry flavour

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