Hot Sake Pot

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Hot Sake pot used to serve warm sake. Comes with a ceramic choko cup. Get your additional choko cups here

Experiment with different temperatures and enjoy the different flavours and aromas. Learn more about heating your sake in our blog.

Hinatakan (Room Temperature)

- Drinking temperature: 30℃
- Subtle aroma and flavour

Hitohadakan (Body Temperature)

- Drinking Temperature: 35℃
- Flavour spreads across the palate. Pleasant aroma of rice and koji

Nurukan (Lukewarm)

- Drinking Temperature: 40℃
- Strong aroma

Jokan (Warm)

- Drinking Temperature: 45℃
- Intense aroma 

Atsukan (Hot)

- Drinking Temperature: 50℃
- Crisp, dry flavour with a sharp aroma

Tobikirikan (Piping Hot)

- Drinking Temperature: 55℃
- Sharp aroma with a dry flavour