Koshi No Kanbai Muku Junmai Daiginjyo Sake

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Japanese Name: 越乃寒梅 無垢 純米大吟醸酒

The Koshi No Kanbai Muku Junmai Daiginjyo Sake is also known as ‘Pure Realm’, a name that encapsulates its clear taste derived from Yamada Nishiki rice. This junmai daiginjo sake has a polishing ratio of 48% and fully showcases the true umami of the rice. It is known for its expansive, profound flavour with little acidity, and offers an appealing smoothness and fragrance. Best enjoyed chilled and pairs well with barbecue pork belly, beef tongue with spring onions, seaweed fried rice and miso eggplant.

2018 U.S. National Sake Appraisal: Second Prize

Available in 720ML.

SMV: +4
Alcohol: 15-16%
Prefecture: Niigata