Koshi No Kanbai White Label Futsushu

Koshi No Kanbai White Label Futsushu

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Japanese Name: 越乃寒梅 白ラベル 普通酒

Koshi no Kanbai Futsushu can be enjoyed for its brisk, sharp taste that resonates in your mouth. It’s a longtime favourite of locals who enjoy having an evening drink every day. The rice polishing is 58% resulting in a smooth aftertaste.

The brewery's aim was to create a sake that is ideal for drinking at dinner—it matches well with cuisine, is always enjoyable, and doesn't make you feel poorly or have a bad hangover on the next day.

Even though White Label is an everyday (futsu) sake, it's based on the techniques we use to make ginjyo. We polish the rice and slowly, carefully brew White Label at a low temperature over a long period of time, which results in the most accessible and satisfying sake possible. It has a sharp, powerful finish that its longtime fans love.

2022 International Wine Challenge: Commended Award

Available in 300ML and 720ML