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Get your +1 with the repackaged and exclusive Love Plus Bundle consisting of all-time-favourite Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Sparkling liqueurs — Peach, Sparkling SakeYuzu and the NEW Mix Berry! Delivering a burst of refreshing sweetness in 4 different flavours. Available in 250ml. 


Name: Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Peach Sparkling Liqueur (250ml)

Japanese Name: 大関 花風雅 桃

The Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Peach is named the ‘Sparkling Empress’ due to its refreshing, light and bubbly taste. It has a sweet and peachy flavour, which makes it excellent as an aperitif and dessert sake. It pairs very well with light meals and is best enjoyed chilled.

Alcohol: 7%

Name: Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Sparkling Sake (250ml)
Japanese Name: 大関 花泡香 スパークリング日本酒

The Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Sparkling Sake is a refreshing, fizzy, low-alcohol sake. Its name translates to ‘sparkling flower’, and the light, pleasant bubbly sake is perfect for desserts or after-work relaxation. It has a mild sweetness and acidity and serves very well chilled for maximum refreshment.

Alcohol: 7%

Name: Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Yuzu Sparkling Liqueur (250ml)
Japanese Name:  大関 花風雅 柚子

The Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Yuzu is a sparkling sake that reminds drinkers of champagne – its low alcohol content infused with the citrus flavours of yuzu makes for a refreshing sparkling taste. The distinguished aroma of yuzu blends perfectly with a mouthful of fruitiness that spreads evenly across the palate. It is excellent as an aperitif and dessert sake, pairing very well with light meals such as salads and sandwiches, and is best enjoyed chilled.

Alcohol: 5%

Name: Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Mix Berry Sparkling Liqueur (250ml)
Japanese Name:  大関 花泡香スパークリング日本酒 ベリー

A sparkling sake true to its bubbles that releases hints of fresh-baked goodness that explodes into a mouthful of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry sweetness.

Alcohol: 5%