Marukin Bonito Soba Sauce (For Soup or Cold Dipping)

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Japanese Name: マルキン 上野藪そばつゆ(ストレート)

Combined honjyozo soy sauce with freshly-baked bonito flakes. You can easily enjoy the taste of traditional Yabu-soba soup at home. Ideal for making cold soba or soba soup.

Available in 340ml.

Suitable for Green Soba or Premium Somen

Cook Hot Soba in a few simple steps

1. Boil soba noodles and let it cook
2. Boil Bonito Soba Sauce with water as a soup base
2. Add cooked soba noodles inside the soup base
3. Add your own ingredients like bonito flakes to enhance the taste

Cook Cold Dipping Soba in a few simple steps

1. Boil Soba and filter the cooked soba noodles with cold water
2. Place the cooked soba into a soba plate with some ice 
3. Mix Bonito Soba Tsuyu with hot boiling water and you are ready to dip your cold noodles into the Tsuyu base

*Add a spoon of sesame oil to the Tsuyu base to enhance the flavour.