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Sample our Prefecture Bundle, get 5 different 300ml sakes from 5 different sake breweries in Hyogo, Fukushima, Kyoto, Ehime and Yamagata. Specially curated by our Sommelier & sake selected are according to the seasons.


Name: Ninki-Ichi Ao-Ninki Ginjyo Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 人気一【青人気】吟醸

Ninki Ichi Ao Ninki Ginjyo is brewed from Fukushima sake rice 'Chiyonishiki' and Niigata rice 'Gohyakumangoku'. Distilled alcohol and Yeast is added to brew this green label, with slight acidity and sharp palate yet giving a smooth aftertaste. Best served with salads and grilled fish.

SMV: +1.5
Alcohol: 15-16%
Prefecture: Fukushima 福島県

Name:  Tamano Hikari Reizo Shu Junmai Ginjyo Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 玉の光 純米吟醸 冷蔵酒

The Tamano Hikari Reizo Shu Junmai Ginjyo Sake has a delightful mellow touch and full body with a smooth taste. It is very refreshing and goes well with all dishes, making it popular among drinkers.

SMV: +3
Alcohol: 14%
Prefecture: Kyoto 京都


Name: Ginrei Gassan Setchu Jyukusei Junmai Ginjyo Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 銀嶺月山 雪中熟成 純米吟醸酒

If you miss being in the throes of winter, then a glass of the award-winning Ginrei Gassan Junmai Ginjyo Setchu Jyukusei is all you need to recreate that feeling. Each sip of this pure, light sake and each whiff of its calming aroma brings forth an image of fresh snow. Recommended to be pair with fish, shrimp and lightly fried dishes.

SMV: +2
Alcohol: 16%
Prefecture: Yamagata 山形県

Name: Kiku-Masamune Kimoto Junmai Daiginjyo Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 
菊正宗 生酛 純米大吟醸 

The Kimoto Junmai Daiginjyo is the masterpiece of the Kiku-Masamune sake brewery. This sake is brewed only during the winter months under the careful supervision of a Tamba-toi master, featuring the exquisite harmony of a dry and crisp aftertaste.

SMV: +3.5
Alcohol: 16%
Prefecture: Hyogo 兵庫

Name: Yamatan-Masamune Shima-Nami Honjyozo (300ml)
Japanese Name: 山丹正宗 「しまなみ」

Yamatan-Masamune Shima-Nami Honjyozo motif is inspired by the beautiful scenery from Setouchi Ocean. It is gentle and refreshing Honjyozo sake, made with the image of that landscape.

SMV: ±0
Alcohol: 14%
Prefecture: Ehime 愛媛県