S&B La Yu (Chilli Oil)

S&B La Yu (Chilli Oil)
S&B La Yu (Chilli Oil)
S&B La Yu (Chilli Oil) - Sake Inn

S&B La Yu (Chilli Oil)

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Japanese Name: 辣油 (ラーユ)

S&B La-Yu is made mainly from the extract of red chilli peppers. The hot, flavorful and colourful extract is produced, and added with fragrant same oil is added. It features a pungent spiciness, bright red colour and the savoury flavour of sesame oil.

Use with the sauce of dim-sum, as a relish for soup noodles, a seasoning for fried meat & vegetables, Chinese dressing, topping for sushi rolls or dipping sauce with mayonnaise.

Available in 33ml

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