IWC 2021: Award Winning Sakes at Sake Inn

The International Wine Challenge 2021 results just came out and we are happy to announce that some of our sakes are proud winners of the IWC 2021. These award-winning sakes not only stole the hearts of the judges, but they have also been long-time favourites of some of our customers and restaurants in Singapore. Find out how these sakes stood out from the crowd.

International Wine Challenge 2021 

The International Wine Challenge is accepted as the world's most rigorous, impartial and influential annual wine competition. Its sake division started in 2007 and has since grown exponentially, making it one of the largest sake review boards outside of Japan. 

Kikusui Shiroki Tenryu Honjyozo Nigori Sake

喜久水本醸造にごり酒白貴天龍 - Sake Inn

SMV -20 | Alcohol 15-16% | Nagano | Rice Polishing Rate: 65%

Kikusui Shiroki Tenryu Honjyozo Nigori Sake has a rich rice aroma with creamy flavour on the palate. Its mild sweetness and umami expand when serving in hot temperature, it is recommended to serve as hot sake as well, even though most of the unfiltered sakes are recommended to drink chilled. Pale white, creamy and lightly cloudy with mandarin and brown sugar finish.

2021 International Wine Challenge: Gold Winner 
2021 International Wine Challenge: Great Value Winner

Kiku-Masamune Kimoto Karakuchi Junmai Sake

菊正宗 キモト 辛口 純米酒
SMV +5 | Alcohol 15% | Hyogo 

Produced with the traditional Kimoto method, resulting in a crisp, dry sake and a rich fragrance distinctive to this unique method of brewing. This Kiku-Masamune Kimoto Karakuchi Junmai Sake has expressive aromas of arabica, chocolate, vanilla beans and cloves. Well-rounded textures and banana cream. Balanced umami on finish.

2021 International Wine Challenger: Gold
2021 International Wine Challenger: Great Value Sake

Daishinshu Te-Ippai Junmai Daiginjyo

Daishinshu Te-Ippai Junmai Daiginjyo - Sake Inn

大信州 手いっぱい 純米大吟醸
SMV +2 | Alcohol 16% | Nagano | Rice Polishing Ratio 

Daishinshu Sake Brewery is located in a place surrounded by the Northern Alps, 80 km away from Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. The water used to brew this Daishinshu Te-Ippai Junmai Daiginjyo is the melted snow from the Northern Alps, which has been exuded over many years and is characterized by a soft mouthfeel and a delicate texture. Fresh green melon, mango, pineapple, pear apple aroma. Lively with slight effervescence. Smooth, silky and full-bodied.

2021 International Wine Challenge: Silver
2020 International Wine Challenge: Silver

Honshu-Ichi Muroka Junmai Sake

本州一 無濾過純米酒
SMV +4 | Alcohol 16-17% | Hiroshima | Rice Polishing Ratio 65%

One of the best sake rice in Hiroshima, Honshu-Ichi Muroka Junmai Sake used Senbon-nishii rice polished down to 65%. An unfiltered bottle of well-balanced refreshing aroma and rich taste with uplifting fresh aromas of fresh fruits. On the palate, lively and slightly effervescent, clean and defined with green melon, green apple and a mineral character.

2021 International Wine Challenge: Silver

Kikusui Funaguchi Ichiban Shibori Nama Genshu Sake

菊水 ふな口一番搾り 生原酒
SMV +3 | Alcohol 19% | Niigata

An unpasteurised and undiluted sake, which results in Kikusui Funaguchi Ichiban Shibori Nama Genshu Sake's delicate taste. Pear, watermelon, and spicy ripe green apples on the nose. Juicy pineapple, banana and mango on the palate. Puckering acidity, delicious finish.

2021 International Wine Challenge: Silver

Momokawa Junmai Sake

Momokawa Junmai Sake - Sake Inn

桃川 純米酒
SMV +2 | Alcohol 15-16% | Aomori

The Momokawa Junmai Sake is made for Autumn food flavours and has a splendid nose filled with hints of berry, melon, peach and ripe fruit. Its complex, expressive aromas carry a rich taste and fruity tones that become more apparent when served warm.

2021 International Wine Challenge: Bronze 
2019 International Wine Challenge: Silver
2019 Kan Sake Award: Gold Award

Ginrei Gassan Junmai Daiginjyo Sake

銀嶺月山 純米大吟醸酒

SMV +3 | Alcohol 16% | Yamagata | Rice Polishing Ratio 

This Ginrei Gassan Junmai Daiginjyo Sake uses large luxurious Yamada-Nishiki yeast rice to ferment this perfect sake. After it has been brewed, the sake is kept in ice temperature for ageing and gives off a slightly sweet taste Elegant style with refined aromas and flavours of lily and prune.

2021 International Wine Challenge: Bronze

Hakkaisan Daiginjyo Sake

SMV +5 | Alcohol 15.5% | Niigata

Hakkaisan brewers hone their skills by continuing to craft the highest quality sake, year after year. For this Hakkaisan Daiginjyo Sake, Yamadanishiki and Gohyakumangoku sake rice are carefully selected and polished down to 45% remaining. All the koji is handmade and this sake is brewed with an especially pure snowmelt mountain stream water, which is known as Raiden-sama no Mizu or water of the god Raiden. This refine sake is meant to pair with food and it has a mellow, clean taste, and an elegant, gentle sweetness that will enhance the flavour of any cuisine.

2021 International Wine Challenge: Commended Award

Hakkaisan Junmai Daiginjyo Sake

SMV +4 | Alcohol 15.5% | Niigata

Hand made Koji and spring water from melted snow – “pure water of the god Raiden” is used to brew this Hakkaisan Junmai Daiginjyo. By using Yamadanishiki, Gohyakumangoku, and Miyamanishiki sake rice – all polished down to 45% remaining – this Junmai Daiginjyo reflects Hakkaisan’s classic crisp and clean style, and leaves your palate engaged and refreshed. This refined sake is great with food and it has a pronounced clarity, a clean taste, and an elegant, gentle sweetness which will enhance the flavour of any cuisine.

2021 International Wine Challenge: Commended Award

Kiku-Masamune Kimoto Junmai Daiginjyo Sake

The Kiku-Masamune Kimoto Junmai Daiginjyo is the masterpiece of the Kiku-Masamune sake brewery. This sake is brewed only during the winter months under the careful supervision of a Tamba-Toji Master, featuring the exquisite harmony of a dry and crisp aftertaste. Recommended pairing with uni, abalone, seaweed, soft tofu stew, claypot rice, fried lotus chip and crab leg sashimi.

2021 International Wine Challenge: Commended Award

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